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sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

Personal and Executive Assistants on a High

In today’s (ex)change-filled business universe, known as “globalization”, the role of well-versed and highly educated Personal and Executive Assistants is one which will increasingly be recognized as invaluable across all trade and societal sectors.

These professionals are the backbone and liaison factors in societies, organizations, corporations and the support figures in private offices and homes of the powerful and the famous. The job opportunities before them are as vast as their imaginations.

By empowering themselves with the tools, knowledge and character-building insight that a BA or (even better) an MA in this area can give them, a well-paid, challenging and extremely fulfilling life-long career awaits them – anywhere in the world, in any sector. Be it in a family business or a multinational or a conglomerate, be it working in a politician’s, a lawyer’s, an actor’s, a singer’s or a millionaire’s home office. The sky’s the limit.

In Portugal this opportunity is provided by THE most sought-after and renowned Institution of Higher Education in this and other fields – Universidade Europeia | Laureate International Universities… our Faculty. And that’s certainly something to be proud of, is it not?

Olga Calado
LEP Coordinator and English Lecturer at Universidade Europeia | Laureate International Universities

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